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Forum Rules (Updated 2015)

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Forum Rules (Updated 2015)

Post by DJ D'admin on Fri 26 Oct 2012 - 10:57

Please take a moment to read our Forum Rules:
* Only Links through pm please!
* No links in your posts please (link through pm)
* No Drama please!
* Please introduce yourself in our New Members section or you can't participate @ our forum at all!
* Minimum 15/20 posts a month
* NO ULTIMIX (Related) stuff at all please!!!
* When you request a song or want to share music, please use the (advanced) search first to see if it's already shared @ the forum.
* Participate! That's the whole idea behind a Forum Setting! People who wish not to participate and only post thank you's to get a link or bothering members in pm's for links while not contributing to the forum will be banned from 'our home away from home'

New Members (Newbies):
* As a newbie you have limited access to forums & also the search function returns limited results.
* As a newbie you are expected to have some patience for the 'next step'
* As a newbie you try to participate in the forums open to you and/or help out in the request section(s)
* As a newbie you understand the above and not flood the board with pointless 'why I cannot...?' topics.


* You're free to use a filehost or Usenet. Please pw protect your archive & don't give it an easy name but instead something like this:
(Madonna - MDNA -> D4r3SA (Name of archive), that way no one knows what's in it.
* Before you share a song please use the (advanced) search function, maybe that track is on the forum already.
* Make your post interesting! (add artwork, you tube video & background info etc.)
* Put your upload in the right section @ our forum please.

* Before you request a song please use the search function, maybe that track is on the forum already!
* Please only ONE request for a song at the time! (when you're in the Newbie Group) Full members can request more!
* Please say: Thank You! to the person who helped you find THAT track you were looking for! People took the effort to help you in your quest, the least you can do is THANK them for their effort.

* Itís very rewarding if you can share some knowledge about music provided or start a discussion about an Artist/ Band. Or you might have additional mixes for a track, please share them, your help is truly appreciated!

Remember: It's ALL about the Music!

The Team 2015
DJ D'admin

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